ORBI fund

Implementation At the end of November 2017, the video “Children Protecting Adults” which had zero budget gained 3 million views on Instagram in two days. The project entered the short list of the WhiteSquare and Red Apple festivals and won the Grand Prix at the Advertising of the Future festival. The video was noticed by the management of the FC Spartak-Moscow. It touched the feelings of the club administration and the footballers so much that they initiated a joint project with the Fund. On the one hand, the media presence of the football players and additional attention to the topic of football clearly strengthened the communication. On the other hand, it was necessary to find a creative solution to maintain continuity with the previous case and to match the communications of the FC Spartak-Moscow. Idea A careful study of the matches broadcasts revealed that the players communicate a lot via signs – because of noise and distance. This is how the concept of “Signs” was born: millions of people follow the signs of football players, but not everyone knows the symptoms of a stroke. Process The cases are primarily connected by format and the main trick: in the beginning it’s just standups of people showing something, but a twist in the middle changes everything dramatically. Insets with real signs from the football pitch turned out to be additional improvements. The movie starred Luis Adriano, Fernando, Roman Zobnin, Andrey Yeshchenko, Dmitry Kombarov, Alexander Selikhov and Alexander Samedov.
Client: ORBI Fund и FC "Spartak"

Creative and production: Mozga Studio
Director: Oleg Ageychev
DOP: Ekaterina Orlovskaya, Konstantin Ovchynnikov