New chapter

Despite the development of medicine, the birth of a child before the due date is still a sentence in the eyes of many people. We decided to tell the story of such a child - now a 22-year-old university graduate. Turning the pages of the photo album in reverse order, he tells about his life until the moment of birth 3 months ahead of schedule, and thereby shows the viewer that premature babies can lead a completely normal life.

Result: total coverage of about 5 million views.

Client: Charitable Foundation "Pravo na chudo"

Creative & production agency: Mozga Studio

Creative officer: Oleg Ageychev

Director: Tim Eight

Directors of photography: Ruslan Kosenko

Executive producer: Alfiia Shakirzianova

Production designer: Elena Tsukanova

VFX: Kirill Laptev, Anastasia Ageycheva

Composer: Alexander Muratovsky

Colorist: Andrew Hudyakov