Love Syndrome Fund

Mozga Studio, together with ArtPictures and Vodorod film company, under the direction of Fyodor Bondarchuk, launched a series of TV clips as part of a large-scale charity project #FOOTBALL4GOOD, which was timed to coincide with the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The initiative was launched by the Sindrom Lubvi (Love Syndrome) Foundation. The main idea: there are no outcasts among football fans. Teenagers with Down Syndrome together with football players performed fan chants aimed at increasing inclusiveness in the society. Cast: Anton Sankevich (20 years old), Rimma Ismailova (16 years old), Vlada Sitdikova (23 years old), Vadim Kolchev (15 years old), Artyom Silin (22 years old), Sveta Kislyakova (15 years old), Sergey Svetlakov, Alexander Kerzhakov, Alan Dzagoev, Denis Glushakov, Alexander Golovin and Sergey Ignashevich.
Client: Love Syndrome Fun

Creative: Mozga Studio
Creative director: Andrey Ushakov
Written by: Oleg Ageychev

Production: Mozga Studio, ArtPictures
Director: Fyodor Bondarchuk
DOP: Vladislav Opelyanz
Producers: Irina Sokovnina, Oleg Ageychev
Vodorod film company